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Kyler Shae

Botanist / Ecologist / Artist / Silversmith

I have a lot of interests and hobbies. This business is where they all come together as one - each piece is inspired by all the things I love - nature, science, and art!

I have a Bachelor of Science, with a double major in Marine Biology and Biological Sciences, and I find that although science and art are two sides to a coin, they balance me out well. I enjoy playing with many different mediums, and don't feel the need to restrict myself to one - I like being a jack of all trades! Perhaps maybe one day I'll master a select few.

My full time day job is in the Environmental Consulting industry (yay science!), working as an Ecologist - Botanist. This position involves somewhat regular trips into the field, where I work in the remote bush, searching for Priority and Threatened plant species. While I'm away, you're welcome to purchase from my store but they will not be posted until I return. I'm only away 10ish days at a time maximum. If you do purchase while I'm on site, I will make sure to message you! But you're also always welcome to send me a message - I'll get back to you as soon as possible!

Prior to June 2023, my brand was 'Krows Jewellery and Artworks'. I had been mulling over the change for quite some time - I have grown and changed a lot since Krows Artworks' humble beginnings. And that's why Arivela Studios was born! An all-encompassing, unique brand name.


Arivela is a genus of flower, endemic to the Pilbara and Kimberley regions of Western Australia, belonging to the Cleomaceae family. They have big, bright yellow flowers, on small herbaceous, often sticky plants. My logo is modelled from Arivela uncifera, for my fellow science pals.

I've now been silversmithing regularly for 2 years - how time flies! I began this journey in high school - completing roughly a year and a half of basic silversmithing classes, largely in copper. That was roughly eight years ago now! At the beginning of 2021, I decided that I would invest in a set of basic tools to start again. Man, has it been fun! I'm so glad that I did, I have never felt more fulfilled.

All my work in made from scratch in solid sterling silver and fine silver, with the occasional gold or rose gold! I buy earring sleepers/hoops, earring posts/backs, and chains, but all earring hooks I make myself. My signature silver balls on my pieces are made of recycled sterling silver - melted down from silver offcuts. Please note I only work with solid, precious metals, and thus is reflected in price - this will be particularly evident in my gold pieces.

Please understand that each piece of jewellery is entirely made by hand, and hence is reflected in price. I try and make them as affordable as possible, however I also need to pay my bills and live too! Particularly with opal jewellery - much of the price is the cost of the actual opal itself.

I largely work with solid Australian opals, usually boulder opals. My work will never use triplets (unless supplied to me as a custom), however I *very* occasionally use doublets. This will be made clear in the product description. Both triplet and doublet opals are not suitable for wear in water - this will break down the adhesive and destroy the stone.

Additionally - every piece is entirely unique. Particularly with opals, no two pieces are the same. So if you see something you love - it won't be made again! As all pieces are handmade, you'll find little imperfections on them - I am not a fine jeweller, and I believe these little scratches and notches make them more unique. Larger imperfections will always be clearly labelled/photographed in the product descriptions - but I do my absolute best to ensure that these types of imperfections don't make it to sale! I
f you see shells or other funky charms in my pieces - I have either cast these myself, or have sent off moulds for casting! No store-bought charms here!!

I am currently taking a break from custom orders, as I find them absolutely exhausting and often leave me with no time for creation for website updates. For the foreseeable future I will not be taking on this kind of work.


I do however offer Bespoke Appointments! This option is only available to people in Perth, and these appointments are almost exclusively on the weekend. Please visit the Bespoke Appointments page to enquire.


If you've read this far - use 'ABOUT10' for 10% off your first order. Thank you so much for your support!


- Ky xxxx


I'm always happy to answer any questions you may have! You can contact me through my general enquiries form, message me on Instagram or send me an email!

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