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Bespoke Appointments

Ever wanted to see your jewellery made in front of you from scratch? This exactly how my Bespoke Appointments work! This is also a great option if you are interested in learning the ropes of metalsmithing but are unsure where to start/if it's for you.


Come visit me in my studio, in the hills of Perth, where we can pick out your dream design and create some magic. This is an intimate experience, and is usually a one-on-one experience. You may bring one guest if you wish (just let me know), but no children please! I use lots of expensive equipment that can also be dangerous for kids. 

These appointments are up to 3 hours long, and are largely on the weekends. I work full time during the week!

Time slots available:

Saturday  or Sunday 9 am - 12 pm

Saturday or Sunday 12 pm - 3 pm

However, any time during these hours will work!

You can book this appointment for yourself, or for a loved one - they make great gifts! Minimum spend is $350aud. 

Tea and coffee will be provided, but please bring your own food if required or desired! The afternoon session may include a beer too if you'd like.


Please also note, I do live on the side of a hill, with my property situated upslope. Let me know if you require special assistance! I'll accomodate the best I can.

We'll chat a lot more about logistics, so fill out the form and lets chat!

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Kelmscott, Western Australia


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